Before I Go to Sleep, by S.J. Watson

4 Sep
FOUR out of FIVE stars

FOUR out of FIVE stars

I absolutely loved this book all the way through to the end. I had not guessed what had actually happened, and the whole thing was really suspenseful and pretty fascinating. It’s a “50 First Dates” story with an evil twist.

HOWEVER. When we get to the end “the bad guy” finally confesses everything – which bugs me to no end – and then it ends and everything is tied up all happily with a neat little bow. I’m thrilled with the whole explanation, and really had to concentrate to follow along on what happened and what was real, etc., but I don’t like how the explanation was delivered and then wrapped up. So minus one star for that. No book or film will get five stars from me if the bad guy just confesses all their deeds at the end.

I’d still recommend it though, absolutely. It really is a very suspenseful, quality read and a quick, thrilling ride.

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