Eyes On You, by Kate White

4 Sep
0 stars, Thumbs Down, Good Grief

ZERO stars, Thumbs Down, Good Grief

This was chosen as Overdrive’s “Big Library Read” in June 2015, and I’m going to assume it was picked by blindfolding a librarian and having her throw a dart at the Fiction section.


First, we have our protagonist, who has THE NERVE to be career minded and have a desire to move ahead. We are told this is a bad thing over and over and over. Then we have not one but TWO female villains whose sole motive is that they are jealous. Oh, you know how females are!!! So those women terrorize our heroine, who is portrayed as a helpless, hysterical, unbelievable victim who cannot fend for herself. No, she needs the help of the men in her life – because every single woman is either jealous and/or wanting to use her to get ahead. And/or useless human beings. But lucky for our heroine, there is a Prince Charming to swoop in and rescue her! And she apparently lives happily ever after with said prince.

Of all the fantastic books out there, how did this one become the Big Library Read? Heads should roll over this decision.

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