I Suck at Girls, by Justin Halpern

4 Sep
THREE out of FIVE stars

THREE out of FIVE stars

I mean… it was fine. It wasn’t a waste of time to listen to (Audible), but it’s not something I would return to or outright recommend to anyone. I was also less than fond of the narration.

Also, the F word. I used to run a roofing company, I can swear like a sailor and curse words do not offend me. But this book has the F word running through 99% of the sentences. There are virtually no other swear words used. I’m not offended by it, but I was bored with it. Use some imagination and come up with a different swear word. It became tiresome and tasteless after the first 845 times I heard it.

But yes, there is some humor, it’s fine, it’s worth a listen to on your commute or during a long trip or while doing chores. *shrug*

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