Movie Star By Lizzie Pepper, by Hilary Liftin

4 Sep
ONE STAR - Thumbs Down

ONE STAR – Thumbs Down

I’m too old to waste time on crap like this, and there are too many good books out there that I’ll never live long enough to read. I’m not wasting another moment on this one.

Of course it’s based on Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, they make it so obvious that if you have even heard of Tom & Kate then there’s no point in reading this book. Except that at least Tom Cruise actually has charisma and some sort of personality, unlike whatshisname in this book who is just a cardboard cutout with the description of “Really Big Movie Star!!” without any real evidence of why anyone would care. And if you want to know about Scientology, read an actual book about it, there are plenty of interesting ones out there. I’m getting totally off point here – the main point is this book is about as DULL as you can possibly get, especially considering that the subject matter is quite an intriguing reality, but this book makes the pair about as interesting as a Dick & Jane story.

I’m boggled by the good reviews of this book, I really am. I’m not opposed to some fluffy light chicklit, but this is not that. It’s just dull and boring.

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