My Story, by Elizabeth Smart

4 Sep
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

I listened to the Audible version, and this must be very important. I did not have to deal with all the italics or exclamation marks that readers did. It is read by Elizabeth Smart, and she’s a capable reader who gives the characters the personalities she knew. The Audible version does not show the juvenile writing the other reviewers are describing. So if you would like to hear her story, I recommend listening to the book instead. It was also nice that she did not get very detailed about her abuse. No one needs to know the gory details. Another benefit of listening to it in her own voice: It was quite apparent through the whole story how strong she is, and it is completely understandable why she did not have (many?Any?) lasting detrimental effects. She believed, from the very start, that either she’d be rescued, she’d escape, or one day (“in 30 years”) her captor would die. And she was determined to live until one of those moments arrived.
5 Stars for the Audible version.

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