Speaking in Bones, by Kathy Reichs

4 Sep
THREE out of FIVE stars

THREE out of FIVE stars

This is my first Temperance Brennan book, so I have no previous stories to measure it against. To me it felt like an average, run of the mill murder mystery, though it did have an uncommon twist at the end.

I won’t discount that the narrator of my Audible version likely lost it a star:

The first chapter is read as a play, with spooky music, sound effects, and terrifying voices – all told, something I could have done without, though it had it’s intended effect: It scared the crap out of me.

The rest of the book was the complete opposite… read very slowly, with no feel for natural dialog. Every sentence has a beat in between, the male voices are incredibly uninteresting (the love interest comes across as extremely dull, so having never read a previous TB book, I had no understanding why she’d even consider this boring man), and there were a lot of misreadings of the acting needed in conversations.

The story itself has a lot of filler, with detailed descriptions of her bathroom visits, or random conversations with her cat. Coupled with the slow reading of the narrator, my mind often drifted out of the story.

I was also taken out of the story quite a few times with the exposition between unlikely characters. If exposition is unavoidable, just direct it to the reader outright, or give a reason for the explanation. Two characters in the same business field should not have to explain the basics of their work activities to each other – this starts sounding unnatural and fake, and brings the reader out of the story.

To give some credit to theĀ narration, a fantastic job was done with the voices in the twist explanation, and reading the book would not have had the same terrifying effect that the narration gave. A definite thumbs up for that.

And then the ending just dragged and dragged, but it’s possible I was just completely out of interest in the book by then.

From purely my own experience, I might have given this 2 stars, but because I think the narration brought the enjoyment level way down, and I have no previous experience with the characters and their history, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt – it’s possibly a 4 star book. But I really don’t feel it’s out of the ordinary story, just a run of the mill summertime beach read.

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