The Chelsea Trilogy (Books 1 and 2), by Michelle Tea

4 Sep
5/5 and 4/5 stars

5/5 stars and 4/5 stars

I loved Mermaid in Chelsea Creek and could not wait for the second in the series. Unfortunately I didn’t write a review at the time I read the first book, but it was heavily about Sophie and her relationships with her mother and best friend, and all the horrors that young girls have to maneuver through to get to adulthood. The first book gets a solid five stars from me. However I did not enjoy the second book as much as I did the first, and I almost gave it 3 stars. The first book was really complex, and Sophie was a more complex person. It did not read as a YA novel, I really enjoyed it as just a great book. In the second book however, Sophie is almost one dimensional, and the story devolves into one solely about mermaids, sea monsters and other magical creatures. I barely recognized Sophie as the same girl. There is also very little progress in the story, but I see the next book is due out in a couple more months. This book finally started catching my attention in the last half, and that bumped it up to 4 stars, but I did not enjoy the first half at all. I will still read the final book, but if it doesn’t return to the level of the first book I won’t continue from there.

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