The Hundred Year House, by Rebecca Makkai

4 Sep
FIVE out of FIVE stars

FIVE out of FIVE stars

I wasn’t immediately in love with this book. Unlike some other readers, I was not happy with Part One at all. The little regard the two main characters gave to their marriage perplexed me, and then the wife started committing immoral, unethical and illegal activities that it appeared we were to take as a joke. I may have just been in the wrong frame of mind for this first part, but it was definitely not my favorite.

But then came Part Two, when you start seeing some puzzle pieces fall into place, and see some new puzzles are in more pieces and mixed together. Just as you have that all sorted out, you’re taken back to Part Three, where you have to take some previous puzzle pieces out and replace them with different ones. And then there are even more new mysteries, and you start betting money that when this is over there will still be some mysteries left.

And then we go back to the Prologue, where the seeds of this whole story begin (Yes, this book is told sort of backwards). And some things are explained and some things are left a mystery, forever, because no one survived to tell their stories.

I would love to read this book again one day. Maybe from end to the beginning. I’m still not sure I have all my pieces in place, though I think I have the framework finished. But any puzzler will tell you that’s the easy part.

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