The Neon Lawyer, by Victor Methos

4 Sep
THREE stars out of FIVE

THREE stars out of FIVE

The pluses: I listened to the Audible version and the narration was A++. Nick Podehl did an amazing job of having incredibly distinct voices for each character, with several different accents, affectations and moods. Some of the characters were slightly over the top, but it’s okay because you kind of have to take this whole book with little seriousness.

The story focuses on the trial of a woman who shot and killed the man who raped and murdered her six year old daughter.

The minuses: There was just too much going on with the case that I don’t see happening in the real world. If the defendant was found guilty she could have been the first woman executed in Utah (in this book’s world). In real life this would have been an incredibly high profile case, likely with many great lawyers willing to defend her for free (for the fame if nothing else). Instead we get a man who just passed the bar, and whose only other trial was for a speeding ticket, which he lost. The trial itself should have had flurries of objections (and sustainments of) from both sides as witnesses gave testimony using conjecture, surmising of motives, and hearsay. The unprofessionalism and eventual breaking of the law from the prosecuting attorney would have been dealt with differently, and I also don’t see any prosecutor taking such public glee in prosecuting this woman and wanting to put her to death. Prosecutors may believe this is the right outcome in their heads, but it’s not in their best interest to push it in public.

I think I got this as a Daily Deal from Audible, so I didn’t pay much, and it was fine and enjoyable, just nothing to sink your teeth into when anyone can see there are problems abounding with what happens in court. Perhaps the narration saved it from me giving less stars. I may have given it just one if I had read it myself. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading court cases or legal plots.

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