Ghosts and Girls of Fiction House!, by Matt Baker (Contributor), Maurice Whitman (Contributor)

7 Sep
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This books is FANTASTIC.  Anyone who has ever enjoyed the old “Headlight Comics” filled with buxom women running from monsters, ghosts and/or bad guys, will love this book.  It contains complete stories of many of Fiction House’s best comics, and a great collection of the old artwork.

When I was young my mother let me pick out two comic books from the store every week (I usually chose Uncle Scrooge) but I also got to pick two for my dad.  He liked the comics with the gorgeous women on the front, and I always lovingly chose the comic with the most beautiful woman chased by the scariest monster/man I could find that week.  Then, on the way home in the car, I would quickly pore over my dad’s comic before I had to turn it over to him.  These women were shaped just like my Barbies at home, but always wore their dresses and nightgowns ripped to shreds, and their faces were much more beautiful than my Barbies’. I was in love from age 6.

This book begins with some history of the headlight comics, and contains a small gallery of old covers in vivid color. Then follows many of the greatest full stories from the comics.

For any collector, for anyone who remembers and enjoyed these comics, or for any young man from the age of 12 and up, this book would be an amazing, treasured gift. I cannot wait for it to be in book stores, this is one I need on my shelf. This is a solid FIVE STARS.

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