Holiday Hats for Babies, by Debby Ware

7 Sep
THREE of FIVE stars

THREE of FIVE stars

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A lot has changed in the publishing industry in the last couple decades. Besides the worry about the death of the bookstore and the wringing of the hands over eBooks vs paper books, there are a couple areas that are going to be hit the hardest in this day and age. If you are going to put out a cookbook or a crafting book, you MUST step up your game. There is just no other way around it, an actual book that you pay for must have the best of the best inside its cover.

Why would anyone pay $20 for a book of knitting instructions if you can just head over to Google and/or Pinterest and get zillions of instructions for free? Especially when there are only a couple cute, original designs in the book? If you are going to go to the trouble of putting out a crafting book, you must have a lot of originality, a lot of clear instructions and a LOT of really, really adorable pictures.

Holiday Hats for Babies does not have a lot of originality, and not many great photos. Honestly, I was expecting to have, if not baby fever, then at least some more grandbaby fever after going through this book. I was expecting to go out and buy out the knitting section at Michael’s so I could start knitting caps for my little granddaughter.  But instead my feeling here was: Meh.

The witch hat was cute. The crowns are really cute. And a couple of the other more simple hats were adorable. But some of them were slightly difficult to understand what was being portrayed on top of the baby’s head. The best of that bunch, a slice of birthday cake with a “lit” candle on top, was actually the most bizarre. Why would there be a slice of birthday cake on top of a baby’s head? With a lit candle no less? Would anyone actually understand what that was if your child wore it to… well, where would a baby wear a hat like that? Maybe to a showing of Beach Blanket Babylon?  SO MANY QUESTIONS.  Also I have the feeling that if you don’t knit that cap with exact precision you’re going to just end up with a giant mess that looks like someone squished some Play-Doh onto your baby’s head.

This book might have sold me if there were more photos. Photos of these kids wearing the hats in different settings, even if they were just painted backdrops. But just plopping a cap on a baby and taking a picture isn’t going to relieve me of my twenty bucks when I could just head over to Pinterest and find something easier, cuter, and that makes a lot more sense.

THREE of FIVE stars because it’s not really a dud, it’s just not going to stand out over other FREE instructions.

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