Little Black Lies, by Sharon Bolton

10 Sep
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

I’m shocked to find no mention of “This Year’s Gone Girl” anywhere on the cover. I applaud that. Are we finally over Gone Girl? Can we go on to “This is the next Little Black Lies!”?
This book isn’t really Gone Girl at all (not that that has stopped any marketing department yet) but it is a lot of Rashomon with a good dash of Showtime’s “The Affair”.

If you are very sensitive about dead children, beware. There are missing and dead children galore in this book which takes place on the Falkland Islands. I have never ever ever read a book that takes place there, and I was fascinated. There are also lots of references to the war, which I vaguely remember while I was in high school, but only as an abstract idea. This made it much more real, but I also plan to read more about it and find out why the US was involved in the first place. I would love to go visit the islands now.

The first 50 pages or so were slow for me, but after that I started getting the feel of the book and I was completely immersed. The book focuses on three main characters who greatly love each other and are forever connected by various events in their lives including several of the aforementioned children. They are also all three KooKoo-Pants Crazy, each in a different way and for different (very valid) reasons.

And I’m not going to spoil one second of the plot, as there are twists and turns everywhere and it was great fun reading it completely blind. You should too. But it does go a bit dark and depressing, and then it ends on a really dark note, but then it ends again on another dark note and then it ends again on the darkest note of all. I was already in love with the book at that point, but then it ended AGAIN and I started cracking up because that was the best ending of them all. Then I finally got to the last line and thought “Wow, that was a fantastic book!” and then I thought back to that last line again and thought “Wait, what?” and had to go back and read the entire last page again. And then I looked at the author’s picture on the back and wagged my finger at her, saying “Why you sneaky little bitch, you!”

You better plan to have completely uninterrupted time to finish the last 100 pages of the book. Once you get to that point you will NOT be putting the book down.

Loved it. Sharon Bolton is going to have to be tops on my reading lists now.

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    […] Little Black Lies was the first book by SJ Bolton that I’ve read, and that was a really great novel that was very much about three very intense, deep characters. I loved it so much I immediately checked out her earlier Lacey Flint novels from the library. […]

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