Keep Hold, by Michelle Grubb

19 Sep
FOUR of FIVE stars

FOUR of FIVE stars

This is a tough one to review, because I thought it was a great story but with some big character problems. I liked all the women as individual characters, good and bad, but there is absolutely no evidence as to why the pair the story revolves around have any interest in each other. One of them has such low self esteem that I couldn’t remotely relate to her. The other is a sociopathic C-Word. She behaved so terribly that I couldn’t believe it when I realized this was going to be the love interest. I didn’t see any reason at all to like her, so why would I root for this couple to make it?

The story arc though was great. I did love all the complicated relationships between the women: ex-lovers who are friends, solid couples, pregnant lesbians, a straight woman and a shadow of an ex for most of the story. I also loved that the women were all different: some strong, some weak, some good people, some bad, some psychotic. Much of the dialog was smart and snappy, and the sex scenes were Grade A. I enjoyed that the story did not just cover the romance, but there was also some excitement, some danger, many misunderstandings, and a lot of friendship-love between the women. I just never saw why the one woman was drawn to the other, especially when she was such a lunatic bitch for most of the book.

But it was good enough that I would read it again, and that means a lot from me. Maybe if I just black out all the dialog from the one terrible character, then the story would make sense and I’d give it five stars no problem. And I would love to read something else by this author, she definitely has a talent for storytelling (and sex scenes, hah!).

I was given a copy of this enjoyable lesbian romance by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and my honest rating is FOUR stars.

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