Now You See Me (Lacey Flint, #1), by S.J. Bolton

7 Oct
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

Little Black Lies was the first book by SJ Bolton that I’ve read, and that was a really great novel that was very much about three very intense, deep characters. I loved it so much I immediately checked out her earlier Lacey Flint novels from the library.

So I was quite thrown off when I started Now You See Me, as this book is much more a run-of-the-mill murder-mystery crime novel, although a fantastic one. The difference in storyline and character development was so disconcerting that I kept going back to look up Bolton’s books to make sure this was the author of Little Black Lies.

Eventually my mind wrapped around this being just a twisty-turny crime novel, and I was able to really enjoy what was going on. As I said, this is one FANTASTIC crime novel, with enough complicated twists and turns to push it just over the line of believability, but with a batshit crazy heroine whom I loved. And once again we get several new endings in the final pages, and even though the good guys/bad guys were exactly who I had suspected early on, it was still a fun ride and I suspect we were supposed to know, because Bolton drops many clues with the weight of anvils throughout the book.

Now that I’m finished and in the Lacey Flint mindset, I’m going right on to the next one in line. Even though the Flint series is a completely different genre than LBL, Bolton has me hooked.

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