You (You #1), by Caroline Kepnes

19 Oct
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

Ok I loved this book TO DEATH. Yes, it is demented and twisted, and the main character is psychotic and insane, and he’s in love with a sociopathic manipulator, and it is in no way a “romance”. But I still loved it. As twisted as the story is, there is also a lot of humor in it – anything I were to cite would be a spoiler, but I did laugh out loud several times.

Thoughts that went through my head as I read this:

“This guy is Crazy.”
“Wow, I’ve done that before, am *I* crazy?”
“Well, I never did THAT.”
“Yeah, but I’ve done that and that and that.”
“Yes, but not to THAT DEGREE.”
“Oh no! He’s about to get caught!”
“Phew! He got out of it!”
“I’m not supposed to be rooting for this guy.”
“OMG this woman.”
“Are they actually going to end up Happily Ever After?”
“I don’t think I’m supposed to hope for that.”

Now look, I’ve been stalked before, by a man whose thought process was very similar to Joe’s, so in real life this stuff is not funny AT ALL. But in this book, it’s all very over the top, and yes, there is some humor in it. But it was still real enough that it is SUPER creepy, and you realize there are really people out there who are committing these crimes, and it’s completely terrifying to be in Joe’s brain. And the excellent, brilliant narration really puts you in his brain, and I think that’s why part of you roots for Joe, because you are so immersed in his thought process, as crazy as it is.

Whether you root for him or not (I mean seriously, I wasn’t ROOTING for him, Joe is crazy and insane and dangerous, but I wasn’t exactly hoping he’d get caught either), this is still an excellent read and I think a brilliantly written book. It’s also a really unsettling look at the effects of social media and the internet, and the benefits they have given to stalkers.

It is also really up to date and current with current events and pop culture and technology, so I recommend you read it immediately. It was published in late 2014, so things are referenced that have just happened. That makes everything even more real and creepy, because the line between fiction and non-fiction is REALLY blurred. In a couple years, what is referenced is going to feel much more in the past, it will feel much more like fiction, and I don’t think the effect will be there, and that’s too bad for future readers.

I can see why some people wouldn’t like this book, but all I can say is that I loved it and I’m thinking about buying the audio version, if it’s any good. I never would have imagined that I would love and adore a book about a seriously deranged and dangerous stalker, but I do.

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