Little Brother, by Victoria Patterson

28 Oct
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

I’m torn between 4 and 5 stars. The writing and the story are both just shy of 5 stars, but there’s so much to be gotten from this book that I have to give it 5. And why quibble?

It’s one of those books best read blind, which I was lucky enough to do, but it’s also a tough book to review without giving anything away.

It’s about a boy’s love for his family no matter how imperfect. It’s a wonderful example of friendships and betrayed friendships and regrets. It’s a sad look into the lives of those “lost” kids who seem to have been given everything yet are screwing up their lives. It’s a terrible portrayal of our court system and how we treat sex crimes. And it’s a whole lot more.

Don’t read anything else about this book, just read the book.

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