Chickpeas: Sweet and Savory Recipes from Hummus to Dessert, by Einat Mazor

1 Nov
Five of Five stars

Five of Five stars

I received an advance copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This book really surprised me. I lived on a vegan diet for many years so I am no stranger to chickpeas or chickpea flour (MMmmmm). I was also pretty sure I’ve eaten every variation of chickpeas and chickpea flour ever to have been invented. But I was wrong!

I was also wrong about an original assumption I had about this book: this is not a vegan cookbook. It’s not even a vegetarian cookbook. Vegans are so used to subsisting on chickpeas that I never really thought about other diets including them. But this book is truly for everyone, every diet, and should help move those delicious little beans into a more mainstream kitchen, for both family meals as well as gourmet plans.

This is a very elegant cookbook with gorgeous pictures, and mouthwatering recipes. There are chickpea classics such as a Mediterranean salad, and a very flavorful Spinach & Chickpea Quiche which vegans would be familiar with, but will likely be new to anyone else. Non-vegetarian recipes include everything from Thai Chicken to Mediterranean Beef Stew. There is a good use of chickpea flour throughout the book, and if you’re new to this ingredient you should definitely go find some Bob’s Red Mill and get started – chickpea flour has a wonderful, savory flavor, and I try to incorporate it into anything I can.

There is a recipe for “Vegetable Muffins” which is less “vegetable” than it is delicious comfort food, and includes corn, dill, basil and mozzarella (vegans can substitute of course). A recipe for Spicy Sweet Potato Patties is TO DIE FOR.

There are even desserts, with my favorite being the “Surprise Cake”. I have not made this yet, but I cannot wait for a special occasion to do so.

As a former (and still mostly) vegan, it’s shocking to see dairy and animal products included in the recipes, but I cannot deny that many of those dishes still look delectable. However, most vegans may cringe at many of the recipes, so beware. Aside from vegans/vegetarians, this book is for everyone from the beginner cook to the gourmet, and definitely for anyone who likes to sample new flavors and experiment with different ingredients. It’s a bit too specialized for me to use this book every day, but it would still be a valuable addition to my cookbook shelf.

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