The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins

7 Nov
FOUR of FIVE stars

FOUR of FIVE stars

Am I the last person on earth to read this book? Probably, so I’m not going to bother with a detailed review. I will say that I liked it, I really really liked it, and really enjoyed reading it… until the end.

As soon as “the bad guy” started confessing all the details, OMG my worst pet peeve, I was ready to take a star off right then, but I was still hesitating because I enjoyed the rest so much. But then the end devolved into the same damn ending that Stephen King often resorts to. (Spoiler: The angry abusive husband/ex-husband terrorizes the women and tries to kill them and they manage to turn the tables, The End.) Ho Hum. At that point, there was no way I was giving it 5 stars. So there you go.

I did enjoy trying to figure out who “the bad guy” was, and I’d like to say that I guessed, but I guessed them all at one point or another so I actually was surprised when it started to become obvious. I know many people hated the characters too, but I thought it was quite interesting how all the characters were pretty much scumbags. At least it wasn’t JUST the men, or JUST the women, it was EVERYONE. And I loved how the story was told, and the different time periods actually worked really well.

So I really did enjoy it, but the end, well, it was just a lazy-pants dime a dozen ending.

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