Pure Soapmaking, by Anne-Marie Faiola

9 Nov
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review, and although the publish date is not until early 2016 at this time, I am afraid I will forget to write the review so I must do it now. Plus, it is available for pre-order on Amazon for $15 at this moment, and *Spoiler Alert!* it’s totally an amazing book that you should look into as a post-Holiday gift.

I wanted to take a look at this book because I LOVED the cover, and I figured if I can make soap like what’s on the cover, then I am totally going to be ordering lye immediately. Well, the soaps inside this book are 100X even more amazing and gorgeous as what is on the cover, however the process is much more than I want to get into right now. So I recommend you all get this book, make a bunch of the soaps, and then send them to me, ASAP.

Although soapmaking seems to be more work than I want to deal with right now, this book goes into every detail and aspect that I could possibly think of. All the soapmaking terms are explained fully, there is a full resource section, and very detailed instructions for each soap including hundreds of pictures to show how to make an incredible assortment of imaginative and beautiful varieties. There are soaps made with coffee, tea, herbs, wine and loofah. Soaps with swirls, stripes, hearts, flowers and stamped letters. Soaps of every shape and size. And they are all natural and, hopefully, made by you in your home with loving care.

If I were to decide to take up this hobby, I assure you this is the first book (and probably only) I would pick up to get started. There appears to be enough detailed instructions for a beginner, but also many very complicated instructions for the more advanced soapmaker.

All in all, I see no reason to take off any stars. Even if I didn’t want to make the soaps in the book I’d still love to spend time on the couch just taking in all the gorgeous pictures. And I will definitely be buying it for friends, just in case they want to make ME a few beautiful bars. 😀

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