Art Quilts of the Midwest, by Linzee Kull McCray

11 Nov
Four of Five stars

Four of Five stars

I requested this book from NetGalley to review because I make quilts and love the gorgeous art quilts that I see in magazines and museums – and look at this beautiful cover! Most art quilts are not something that I have the time or patience to create, and I really appreciate the hours and hours and hours of painstaking work that many of them require.

I had thought this book was going to contain page after page of photographs that would leave me in awe. But this is not exactly that type of book, so as soon as the reader accepts that fact, the sooner you can appreciate it for what it is: a really comprehensive look at the artists who create the art quilts, and their processes.

Make no mistake, there ARE many photographs of quilts here, ranging from simple to intricate, from easy to impossible to recreate, and many with close-up details. I was not in awe of most of the quilts though, and many of them were not nearly close to my taste. I also wish there were more close-ups of some of the examples. I take one star off for not really feeling amazed as I went through this book.

But the interviews in the book make up for a lot. You get to hear about the artists, and their processes and inspirations. Many of the interviews are quite in depth – none of them are just simple biographies.

And reading about their processes gave new life to some of the quilts I hadn’t been exactly interested in. Art quilts often use extraordinary materials, and the quilts here definitely do, along with several different interpretations of what a quilt is.

I do not presume to be an artist myself by any means, but there was one really unique “quilt” made with fabric strips and grommets, twisted and threaded onto metal rods. I think I can create something like this for my own home and look forward to giving my own interpretation to this idea.

I think this particular book is less for the person who just enjoys quilt visuals, and more for the serious quilter who can really appreciate the work, and is interested in the people behind these works of art. People who are artists but not official “quilters” should also enjoy this book and the interviews inside. Definitely recommended and consider this Four STRONG stars of five.

And now I’m off to find my fabric scraps.

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