The Making of a Milliner: Hat-Making Projects, by Jenny Pfanenstiel, Steve Squall (Photographs)

11 Nov
Four of Five stars

Four of Five stars

Well if this book was supposed to make me think I could start up a hat-making hobby, it did not, but it sure did make me appreciate the work that goes into the craft.

Make no mistake, this is not a How to Decorate a Hat book. This is a How to Make a Hat from Scratch book.

This book covers all aspects of millinery, or at least as many as I can think of. From measuring the head, to obtaining the materials and tools, to caring for your hats, it is all here. There is even a section on setting up your own hat studio.

Each chapter goes over how to create a certain shape of hat, and then how to decorate it in the way of the example. The examples are incredibly gorgeous, with vibrant colors and some really unique embellishments. I chose each consecutive hat as my favorite, and then kept changing my mind again. After mastering each hat shape, the reader would then be able to continue on and decorate their own hats in any way they wish.

If I were to have the time and inclination to get into hat-making, I would definitely choose this book for my library. However it is such a beautiful book I believe any hat lover would love it for display in their home.

Many thanks to NetGalley for letting me see an advance copy for review.

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