Mix + Match Cakes: A Batter, a Syrup, a Frosting, by Caroline Wright

12 Nov
FIVE of FIVE stars

FIVE of FIVE stars

You guys, this book is going to make you fat. You and everyone around you. But you are going to be fat and happy. I just went through this entire book and now I’m both starving and paralyzed with indecision as to which cake to make first. Can I make five at a time? If I make twenty at a time, can I eat them all before they get stale? If I invite friends over will I be willing to give up any of the cake? And if not, how fat am I willing to get in order to sample each and every one of these cakes??

This book is 95% photos. Photos of seriously imaginative and mouth-watering cakes. An overwhelming selection of sugary dreaminess which fortunately (or perhaps not) are made up of ingredients already on hand in your kitchen, just waiting to be lovingly mixed together. Once you find the photo of the cake you want to bake, just head to the back of the book to get the three recipes variations you need: One for cake, one for syrup, one for frosting.

The cover claims 100 recipes, but with these 100 recipes you can assemble an infinite variety of baked yummies. The formula is simple: Pick out a cake mix and bake, pour a flavored syrup over the cake and let cool, frost with the perfect frosting. The recipes are even more simple: flour, sugar, eggs, etc, with varieties for both vegan and gluten-free needs. If you want to get extra fancy-schmancy, there are recipes for toppings to add to your creation to make it even more original and unique.

How about a Triple Citrus Cake? Bake up a Lime cake, add Orange syrup, top with Lemon pudding frosting.
How about the Elvis Cake? Make the Peanut butter cake, add bacon syrup, top with Nutella frosting.
What about a Chai-Pear Cake with Honey Frosting? Does a Zucchini-Thyme Cake with Lemon Pudding Frosting sound perfect for today?

There is a whole chapter of Coconut cakes. An entire chapter of Mocha cakes. One for Nutty cakes. Berry cakes. Etcetera etcetera.

These creations look and taste like they came from an expensive bakery, but are hardly more complicated than a Betty Crocker mix. As far as I’m concerned there is no need for another cake book. The possibilities here are endless, and the only drawback with this book is the uncontrollable NEED you will have to start baking immediately. And these are all so easy, you won’t be able to find a reason not to.

Thanks also to NetGalley for providing me with an early copy for review and also to get a headstart on gaining 50 pounds.

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