Totally Worth It, by Maggie Cummings

14 Nov
FIVE of Five stars!

FIVE of Five stars!

I LOVED this book, and it’s definitely five solid stars for what it is: Lesbian Chick-Lit.
I wouldn’t call this one a Lesbian Romance, because the book focuses on all sorts of relationships equally: friendships, loves, exes, coworkers, clients and family. The book does not revolve around any one romance, it’s much more about a circle of friends who get to live in this (mythical) lesbian community which I’m not sure would be a good or bad place to live.

Let’s start with Bay West, the housing community where you have to be a lesbian to get in. Of course there are hook-ups there, and relationships, and then ex-relationships, and long standing family feuds because of past relationships… do you really want to live where several of your exes and future exes are also likely to live? As idyllic as it initially sounded, I’m not sure it’s a great idea.

But whatever, it’s still a great set-up for a story, and now that I’m finished I see it may be the start of a series based around Bay West. Please let it be so!! This is Maggie Cummings’ first book and I want there to be more! As much as I loved the book, I kept putting it down trying to make it last, because these women had become my friends and I didn’t want it to be over.

It’s not literature, but neither is it fluff. None of the relationships shown are easy, and none are needlessly complicated. They are just real. Friend problems, work problems, family problems, it’s all fairly realistic and familiar and you will see yourself in several of the characters at different times. There is even a legal mystery thrown in that isn’t a big part of the story but is told really well and elevated the book to a higher level. I hope Cummings decides to include more of these storylines, I was completely hooked on this one though it didn’t go far.

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy, and I will remain on the lookout for future books by this author.

Edited to add: I hate the cover. The cover does not portray what the book is. I know it’s probably too late, but I hope they change that cover.

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