The Gift Wrapping Book: Over 150 Ideas for All Occasions, by Caroline Birkett

15 Nov
Four of Five stars

Four of Five stars

This is a great book for non-creative people like me, and also for more creative people who can probably take these designs to a higher level. It’s definitely a great, basic book for beginner wrappers and anyone who wants to put some extra effort into their gifts.

It gives the very basics of wrapping, even for round boxes. Some basic ideas of how to create and design your own paper, and a great section on all different types of bows and ties. There are many examples for recycling materials, and using items such as corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and newspaper.

My favorite section was on creating your own gift boxes, and I really loved the design of the self-closing box. There are templates for the boxes in the back of the book as well as several of the stencil designs to copy.

I would give this to anyone from a creative child to a crafty adult. It is definitely a pretty comprehensive book about wrapping and has quite a lot of great examples and ideas. I am only giving it four stars though because I wasn’t really blown away by any of the designs. However for a beginner – medium level wrapper this is 100% a great book to have.

Thank you to NetGalley and Dover Publications for allowing me an advance copy for review.

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