The Bureau of Holiday Affairs, by Andi Marquette

17 Nov
Five of Five stars

Five of Five stars

This book is so sweet and charming, I loved it. It’s a lesbian themed update of A Christmas Carol, and this revision is about as simple as can be, but that is good. A Christmas Carol is a classic because it has a message for everyone, and even though we know exactly what is going to happen in this story, I was still drawn in and emotionally tied to Robin’s journey.

I also loved everyone involved with The Bureau much more than I loved the original Ghosts. Full of personality and sass, we get to read their reports on Robin’s progress after each visit.

There’s nothing complicated about this story, it’s just a retelling of the original, and it works. I loved it and I was charmed by it, so it gets 5 stars for being exactly what it is supposed to be.

Thank you to NetGalley and Ylva Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this short, sweet little book.

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