Sight Lines, by Michelle DiCeglio

21 Nov


I wouldn’t really call this a Romance, it’s much more a mystery crime thriller. There’s usually a love interest in “straight” crime thrillers, but no one calls them “Romance” books.

In this book it did not matter that Lacey was gay, she was the main character who happened to be a lesbian, and I like that. The only strange thing to me was that it was mentioned over and over that they lived in such a small town, yet lesbians seemed to be found around every corner. Someone please give me directions to this town please.

But as far as a crime novel, it was pretty good. There was action, detective work, several suspects, and no huge holes in the plot. Well, it was hard to accept when the killer escapes at one point – if there had been an actual scene where that happened it would have been easier to swallow and even added to the suspense, knowing that Lacy was in danger.

I flew through the book as fast as I could and really enjoyed it. I only take a star off because I wish the mystery could have been slightly more fleshed out, and Lacey’s love and attraction to her girl didn’t always feel right to me. We were told it was there, but never really see why.

It’s a quick read, and I’d read it again as an easy beach read/crime novel – and I rarely read books a second time. Rated as “quick & easy entertainment” it’s a solid four stars. I would definitely look for future books by DiCeglio.

Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the chance to review this book.

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