Fragile Wings, by Rebecca S. Buck

16 Jan
fragile wings rebecca s buck

FIVE of Five stars

Definitely 5 stars as a Historical Fiction Lesbian Romance.

It really holds its own as a book outside of the romance category – although that is definitely what it is. But it is solid in its portrayals of family and all the different connections, a wide variety of friends and characters, and I felt a very real love story between two fragile women struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastations of the war.

The story is set against the backdrop of post-WWI London, with this time period not only well described in appearance and mood, but the themes of the story are also woven well through the issues and changes of this time period.

As a lesbian romance I loved it because the romance was very real, the thoughts and feelings were familiar, and there were no extraordinary or idiotic problems that separated the two women – only very real issues most people have dealt with.

As a book it stands firm, as we are lead all through late 1920s London and introduced to so many well developed characters. Lilian and James, while shallow, are very real shallow people. Everyone from the Yellow Orchid was full of individual charisma, and I wanted to find and patronize the establishment. The male characters were outstanding – no one was a real villain, the brother and sister bonds were strong, and everyone needs a Vernon and an Edward in their lives. And I loved the characters of Evelyn as the strong country mouse and Jos, the more fragile city mouse.

I’m really sad to leave the characters behind, honestly. I don’t want to lose Dorothy, or Clara and Courtney. I have my own crush on Jos, and I want Vernon as a friend.

Yes, it’s a romance, and it’s a really, really good romance.

Thanks so much to NetGalley for providing an advanced copy in return for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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