The Doll’s House (Helen Grace #3),by M.J. Arlidge

5 Feb
the dolls house arlidge

Four of Five Stars

This was my first Helen Grace story, but hopefully it won’t be my last. M.J. Arlidge gets huge kudos from me for populating this book with so many strong women that I had assumed incorrectly that Arlidge was a woman. This English police force is basically run by women: good ones, bad ones, flawed ones. The victims in the story are also strong women, and although overpowered by their captor, no one ever gave up the fight.

It was a great story too. We follow along with the most recently captured girl and her nameless tormentor, and also follow the police in their frantic search for the bad guy. Since we don’t know the true bad guy’s name, we assume along with the police that everyone they bring in is The One. But we never really know until the police themselves have put in all their work and sorted out all the details.

I thought it was a really strong crime thriller, and it would have gotten five solid stars from me except that the finale was ill-conceived. It wasn’t so unbelievable that it ruined the book for me, but for a great overall story, the ending was a notch below an average television crime show. Logically, it could not have happened that way, and some details made no sense at all.

But for a fun, thrilling ride, it was good enough to strap in and just enjoy it. I look forward to future Helen Grace novels, and I hope to have time to get to the previous ones. By the way, not having read the previous books had little effect on my enjoyment of this one. There is definitely history between a few characters, but there are lots of explanations and the story itself stood fine alone.

Kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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