The Right Bite, by Jackie Lynch

8 Mar
the right bite jackie lynch

Four of Five stars

I have spent the last year with a group of extremely obese people, helping to support and educate them in their weight loss journeys. I was shocked and amazed at how little understanding the people had about the food they were eating. They would swear up and down that the weight gain was “a mystery”, but when we looked at the actual food it became clear that a large part of the US is missing a good chunk of health education. It wasn’t always a matter of quantity of food being consumed, it was the choices that they were making and truly did not understand.

All this is to say that many people won’t benefit from this book. Many people already know that granola can actually be one of the worst foods you can choose. But this is news to others, who only think of granola as a health-nut food. Others really and truly don’t understand how many calories are in their KFC lunch. And I would bet that most people don’t really have a great idea of the best foods to choose when going to a neighborhood barbecue, or a romantic picnic.

Do you think you already know? Really? Have you been trying to lose weight? Maybe you don’t know as much as you think. This book will help.

The book is extremely educational, with simple, clear-cut explanations. The book does not just say “Choose oatmeal instead of the almond croissant.” It explains all the options, so you can make the best choice for you, at that particular time. Each food gets two pages of information, with sample nutrient and calorie contents, why the food may be good or bad for you, and the effects it will have on your body and health. So you can read all about the croissant option and why it may be bad, and read about the oatmeal option to see why it would be good. If you’re determined to have a croissant, read the page to find out the best choice of croissant for you.

You may think you already understand the pitfalls of fast food, but do you know the best kind of sushi to choose? What should you choose at the movies, or at a bar? What about going to the mall? There is a lot of information in this book that most of the population needs to know.

There were no pictures in the advance copy I received from NetGalley, just clear and simple information laid out in a way that is not overwhelming.

I would recommend this book for any teenager to prepare them for their adult health. I would recommend it to any adult who is having difficulties losing weight, or just trying to keep their weight steady. It would definitely be helpful for people who travel for work, or don’t have a lot of time to eat at home.

And I just want to repeat again: You may think you already know this information, but are you having trouble losing weight? You might want to take a look at the information in this book.

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