Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley

12 Mar
before the fall noah hawley

FIVE of Five stars

I truly loved this book. I was immersed right from the beginning, at first loving just the premise of how any group of people can live their completely separate lives and then end up together at some certain point in time. I loved getting really deep into each character’s life, learning not just their past and their life up to the point of the plane crash, but really getting into the brain of each character.

Every other chapter or so we get back to the present and follow the life of one of the survivors and how the media turns their lives into entertainment for the masses. Then we switch back to the life of a different passenger from the plane.

I could have read an entire book about any one of these characters. To me they were endlessly fascinating, and that is what made this book great. I can give five stars to any well written thriller/mystery/disaster book, but this one gets five stars for going above and beyond with the character development and getting the reader completely interested in each and every one of their stories.

So much thanks to NetGalley for allowing me an advanced copy in exchange for a review. I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading.

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