Demon Book 1, by Jason Shiga

12 Mar
demon book one jason shiga

Five of Five stars

OMIGOSH I loved this book.
Now, I’m not saying this book is for everyone. This is for people with a really, really warped sense of humor. I can’t really stress this enough. If you don’t like violence, if you don’t want to read a graphic novel about suicide after suicide after suicide after murder and murder and murder, then you know, this book isn’t for you. And if you WANT to read a book like that, maybe this one isn’t for you either. You might be some sort of sick bastard.

But if you can see the humor in a suicidal Groundhog Day, if you can see the amazeball possibilities in being invincible, in being a “demon”, then you will likely enjoy this book.

I read this comic mostly blind, and so every new twist and every question answered was a surprise – you should too. If you laughed throughout the movie Pulp Fiction, you will likely laugh through this graphic novel. Perhaps I’m a sick bastard. No one ever said I wasn’t. All I know is I bow down to Jason Shiga and can’t wait for Book 2.

A thousand thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is going to have me chuckling the rest of the day.

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