I Let You Go, by Clare Mackintosh

3 Apr
i let you go clare mackintosh

FIVE of Five Stars

Five stars all the way around. My recommendation is to skip all the reviews including this one and go read the book yourself, without knowing a thing.

I think it’s hilarious that this is the one book that doesn’t say “The next Gone Girl” when the reality is, this book ACTUALLY IS “The next Gone Girl“. Only better.

The book opens with a terrible hit and run accident and the death of a child who had been walking with his mother. Then we alternate between the detectives who are trying to bring the driver to justice, and the woman who is trying to start her life over after the loss of her little boy.

Both sides of the story are interesting, but it runs a little slow and it took me a couple days to get almost halfway through it. But then, just like with Gone Girl, I suddenly found myself thinking, “Wait, what?” and re-read the page and then went back a couple pages and thought, “Wait, huh?” and then realized I needed to quickly skim back through the whole first half because nothing was what it had seemed.

From that point on I sat unmovable while I finished the rest in one sitting. The book suddenly picks up and takes the reader through the point of view of a whole new character, and all the terror that had been behind the scenes. The ending is fantastic, with an openness that is deeply creepy but satisfying.

There is one last twist that I felt took it a bit too far, but it wasn’t enough to take off a star and honestly the entire book is so gripping and terrifying that I can forgive one tiny over the top coincidence.

Excellent. Five stars without a doubt.

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