People Who Knew Me, by Kim Hooper

20 Apr
people who knew me kim hooper

FIVE of FIVE stars

Fantastic book. Touching and frustrating and full of love and full of irritation.

The story is told by Emily, an admittedly flawed human who some readers may not like. But Emily has found herself in a tough life and really has no option but to live the life of a martyr, or live the life of a complete asshole. Enter 9/11. What would you have done? I don’t think I would do as Emily did, but I don’t dare judge the decision she made – no one should until you’ve walked in those particular shoes.

We go back and forth in time from the present back to the events in Emily’s life that lead up to 9/11. Cancer is a co-star in this book, and it was dealt with so well that I dreamed every night that it was me who was going through chemo. Parkinson’s is another co-star, and the characters’ experience with that has me now fearing Parkinson’s more than I ever have the C Word. This is not a fluffy story, there is a lot of pain involved, by many characters.

I think this book will end up being judged by readers according to whether they agree with Emily’s decisions. I probably would have ended the deception much earlier myself, but I felt that Emily could simultaneously do what she did and also be a good person inside. I love the book and cannot believe this is another (like Burying the Honeysuckle Girls) by a first time novelist. You girls are KILLING IT in 2016!!

Thank you to NetGalley for providing an early copy in exchange for an honest review.

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