It Takes One (Audrey Harte #1), by Kate Kessler

29 Apr
it takes one kate kessler

Five of Five stars

I REALLY enjoyed this book, and am now a huge fan of Audrey Harte (and Kate Kessler).

The mystery was good and the killer was believable. I did guess the killer about halfway through, but it was only a guess and I never did figure out the motive until it was revealed. There was no big confession from “the bad guy” at the end, it was all solved in a totally believable manner. I guess I don’t really buy the suggested sentencing, but that’s a minor point.

What made this one stand out for me was the characters. Audrey Harte as the Bad Girl gone Good is really believable as she goes back to the town of her roots and struggles to not revert to old ways. I would guess that some readers won’t believe all the many facets of Audrey, but I grew up in much the same manner and know you can have a great education and successful career while still maintaining some of your youthful scrapper inside. The rest of the characters in town are all quirky, diverse and, best of all, interesting, with in depth back stories that tied everyone in the little town together. It’s a well thought-out setting with a lot to explore, and this makes a series stand out and be one to look forward to.

Audrey Harte is both tough and fragile and makes me want to know more. This is a series I will definitely keep a look out for, not just for great mysteries, but because I want to know more about the people, and that raises the book to a much higher level.

Thanks so much to NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for a review.

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