Collide-O-Scope, by Andrea Bramhall

8 May
collide o scope andrea bramhall

Four of Five stars

This is a really fast read, and enjoyable, but I have conflicting feelings about every aspect of the book. I was really into it by the end and the crime was solved believably through actual detective work. It wasn’t always 100% realistic, but overall the crime part was solid.

I liked Kate Brannon, and would love to read more of this character, but no other character stood out as interesting or fleshed out. I rooted for Gina, but she wasn’t a very deep woman. Other characters held promise, but we never really get to know them well. There were some interesting people on the police force but not enough time was spent with them.

Here are some of my gripes:
It’s always nice to read about a solid, professional lesbian, and even better when it’s a realistic story that doesn’t have sex as a focal point. But aside from Kate, the other three lesbians we meet aren’t that likable (and one is dead). Speaking of the dead one, I felt some of the characters’s reactions to the woman being not just murdered, but having her face blown clear off, well, they just didn’t ring true to me. And this little fishing town has only 49 residents (48 after the murder), yet the police only interview a handful of people about the crime. We also meet a few townspeople who are big suspects, but there’s no closure to those characters. And in the end, a good portion of the town is headed for prison, considering there’s only 48 people to begin with. I wish the population had not been set to 49, because statistically a lot of things didn’t add up right.

But still, I really enjoyed reading this! I’d probably give it five stars as a beach book. But I think it wants to be a real crime novel. I don’t feel it was deep enough or fleshed out enough to get 5 stars for that. I do give a million thanks to the author for writing a great lesbian main character. Kate is someone I would want to know in real life.

In the end, I can’t give it five stars because I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. It’s not necessarily going to please everyone who enjoys crime novels, though it’s not a bad one, just not super meaty. It is excellent as a nice easy beach read. And I would recommend it to anyone looking for more novels with strong lesbian characters. It definitely hits the mark with that.

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing an early copy in exchange for an honest review.

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