See How They Run, by Tom Bale

19 May
see how they run tom bale

FIVE of Five stars

Five thrilling stars all the way around this book; for the writing, for the enjoyment, for the excitement, for the characters, for the humor and for the strong female characters.

The story begins with a terrible event happening to Harry and Alice French, one that could have gone horrifically wrong. In the following days as they try to make sense of what and why it had happened, they come into contact with several more characters who may or may not be good guys (or terrible bad guys). Quickly Harry and Alice are separated and buddying up with a partner neither knows, and the race is on. The race against bad guys, against bad guys trying to out thwart the bad guys, more bad guys trying to out thwart those bad guys, and one other woman who may or may not be trusted.

The story doesn’t stop for an instance as we skip back and forth from Harry to Alice, and sometimes to one of the other characters. No one has the full story of what is going on, but we have the gist of it, and there is no doubt at all about how dangerous the bad guys are, due to that first scene in the book. The moment Alice gets a moment to rest, Harry is racing bad guys down the highway. The moment Harry catches a break, Alice is again in danger. The excitement is relentless, there is virtually no way to put the book down because there is no pause in the action.

There is one other very important character that drives the story and the actions of Harry and Alice: their 8 week old daughter, Evie, who is along for the ride and in constant danger. Evie’s presence forces the reactions of her parents to be different than if they had been alone, and brings the excitment up to a constant heart-dropping level.

Amidst all the excitement I found it to be a bit humorous at times. Harry is no Liam Neeson from the movie Taken, he’s more like Andy Bernard from the Office. But make no mistake, if Andy’s daughter had been in danger he would have fought as hard as did Harry. The females are quite different. Three particular females (including Alice) drive the story from three different sides, and none of them are someone I’d want to go up against. All three of these women get their strengths from motherhood, and whether a mother or her brood are good or evil, a fierce mother bear is not one to be messed with.

The story reads as thrilling as an action movie, and for me it gave me just as much fun and enjoyment as sitting through a Mission Impossible movie. If there were any holes in logic or the story (none that I noticed) they would easily be forgiven for the enjoyment of the ride. And there is one missing character in the end whose story I would love to see continued in a future book.

Five amazing stars all around. I don’t have one single issue with this book, I purely loved it.

Thank you to NetGalley, Tom Bale and Bookouture for allowing me an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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