Jane’s World: The Case of the Mail Order Bride, by Paige Braddock

21 May
janes world paige braddock mail order bride

FIVE of Five Stars

This book is simply delightful. It’s a RomCom in print form, for lesbians. So sweet and funny, with some excitement and danger thrown in, and best of all, a great cast of characters. I love when I meet a whole new group of friends, and every single person in this story was someone I’d want to know – even the characters who Jane didn’t love, I still thought they were great.

The story is set up quickly, with Jane’s PayBuddy getting hacked and a $10,000 mail order bride being ordered for her without her knowledge. Then we follow the group of friends as they try to figure out how to get Jane’s money back and what to do with Natasha, all while Jane still pines for her previous ex. There is a comedy of errors with Jane and her ex both misunderstanding the actions of the other, but it was the believable kind when you still love someone but don’t know how they feel about you. No manufactured drama, which I can’t stand.

The book is based on characters from the Jane’s World comic strip, which I was unfamiliar with, but I’m going to seek out Jane’s history immediately. However I had no problem following these characters, and the history of each was explained very clearly. Because it originated as a comic, the book isn’t meant to be a literary masterpiece, but rather a light and hysterical story that should cheer you up no matter how down you may be. I was laughing hysterically through the first third of the book, until certain tensions and issues started arising. The logic of the mail order bride plot may have a few holes, but I quickly realized if this was just a funny RomCom on screen, I would totally be buying the set-up, and so I did here as well. The story is a comedy and should be taken as such, just enjoy it! That said, it’s a very sweet story, with lovable characters and many great friendships.

I’m so glad I was able to read this, and I thank NetGalley, Bold Strokes Books and Paige Braddock for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review. The honest truth is I simply adore this book, and will definitely be seeking out more of Jane’s World.

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