Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch

25 Jul
dark matter blake crouch

FIVE out of Five Stars!

OHHHHHHH my GOSHHHHHH I loved this book. I finished it in 24 hours because it was just too hard to put down.

Now what do I say here though? First, DON’T READ THE SYNOPSIS. Don’t read anything about the plot! If you did already, get the book and read it anyway!

I don’t even want to state what subgenre of sci-fi this belongs to. I don’t want to tell you anything at all. I was 100% blind going in, and I think it greatly helped my enjoyment.

I will say that this particular subgenre is very difficult to get right, and it can almost never be done without some holes or contradictions. I won’t say that this book doesn’t have them, although I actually never saw any, and a few things were “explained” by using a lot of big science words that most people don’t understand. By the time the reader starts figuring out what is going on and the explanations are needed, I was okay with whatever big, incomprehensible explanation they were going to give me. I was open to believing it.

So why should you read this book if I won’t tell you anything about it, and you shouldn’t read the synopsis?

It’s exciting. It’s a RIDE. There are surprises. It reads like a movie, and I’d bet money that one will get made. An extra twist came at the end that I hadn’t expected but it made scientific sense and I loved it. It’s creepy. It’s sad. It’s about losing love and trying to get it back again. It’s a really, really good, fun book.

So many thanks to NetGalley for allowing me a copy in exchange for a review. I recommend this book to all sci-fi lovers, thriller lovers, and book lovers.

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