The Food of Love, by Amanda Prowse

17 Nov

Three of 5 stars

I honestly don’t think a lot of this book. It’s not terrible, but it’s nowhere near the best book about anorexia that I’ve ever read. It feels like someone did a lot of research on anorexia and then just wrote a story about what they think it’s like to have a suffering family member. I didn’t feel the characters were that fleshed out and there just wasn’t a lot of meat in the story.

I also had a lot of issues with the mother, who was much more interested in being a friend to her daughter than in being a mother. I don’t understand parents who firmly believe their teenagers would never ever lie to them, about anything, or who feel that they know better than any doctor.

The moment I find out my 5’6″ daughter weighs only 87 lbs is the moment that kid is admitted into the hospital. She doesn’t want a feeding tube inserted? Tough sh!t. Save the kid’s life first and then deal with the psychological reasons, but if you don’t get her fed then there won’t be anything to help. This mother is in denial until the girl is a moment away from dying in her arms.

And there’s an hour by hour countdown throughout the book, leading up to something… something really tense and scary…. Oh nevermind, that whole countdown thing is NOTHING. It’s absolutely nothing. It’s a fake-out to get you all worked up and concerned about things, and then PSYCH! It’s nothing.

The epilogue as well annoyed me. The book as a whole is a sort of serious story set as a light and fluffy read. I was never able to care whether the daughter lived or died, and I mostly just wanted to shake the mother. It’s not terrible, it’s just not a very good book.

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