Don’t Believe It, by Charlie Donlea

29 May
dont believe it charlie donlea

Three Stars

I love Charlie Donlea and I absolutely love his first two books. I love them so much that I was a little mad at this one, that it did not live up to my expectations. I give it three stars (“I liked it”) but if this was my first Donlea book I might not care about the next one.

But it’s not his first, and I know that he can write spectacular mysteries. As usual, this book starts with a murder. There are several suspects and many twists and turns. The difference with this book is I didn’t find any of the suspects to be “likely”. There were no real or logical motives. Unlike his other books I was never certain any person did it because none of them made complete sense.

Discussion of suspects/motives without revealing the killer but with mild spoilers: (view spoiler)The involvement of Gus and Livia (Yay for the return of Livia! More Gus next time too!) makes the whole ending make no sense when they both have scientific evidence.

I’m also skeptical of the ability to put together the documentary in the way it was done, but I can easily overlook that if Donlea had come through with another fantastic mystery.

Now look, the book is okay, it’s just not up to par. If you’ve read Donlea’s other books, go ahead and give this one a try, I see the other reviews don’t seem to mind this one as much as I did. But if you’ve never read Donlea, I recommend you read at least one of his previous books first, Summit Lake or The Girl Who Was Taken. Then you, like me, will still eagerly await his next book.

Thank you so much to Kensington books for sending me an ARC to review. Thank you to Charlie Donlea for continuing to write. I can’t wait to read the next great mystery from him.

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