The Lido, by Libby Page

10 Jul
the lido libby page


This was a fantastic, sweet little story about a community coming together to save their pool.

I loved the book right away because the author so perfectly captured the feelings of a swimmer – any level of swimmer. The gritty touch of the cement beneath your feet, the solitary world below the water, the loud and joyous world above the water. If you have ever swam in the rain, if you have ever jumped into the water when it’s 36F in the air outside, if you’ve ever swam for an hour just processing a life problem through your mind, you will understand this book. The author captures perfectly what happens when you commit time to that solitary underwater world.

I also loved how the book starts a meandering path through the neighborhood, and introduces you to each character in the story and the role the lido plays in their lives.

The story of Rosemary and George will have you in (happy) tears, as will the growth and strength of Kate and her friendship with Rosemary.

All in all I was just completely charmed. It’s not a complicated book, it’s just a sweet story of many different characters coming together to do something good, and I needed this sort of book right now.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to review an early copy. I utterly adored it.

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