Something in the Water, by Catherine Steadman

21 Aug
something in the water steadman catherine

Barely 2 Stars

I’m so not happy with this book.

First chapter: A+. We know Erin is burying a body. She’s pretty entertaining as she does so and I cannot wait to hear what happened.

Then we move back a month. And as Erin tells her story we have to listen to every single random thought that goes through her head 24/7 for an entire month. Every. Single. Thought.

Meanwhile the author weaves this overly complicated plot that she has no way to resolve and so SHE DOESN’T. Is that a spoiler? No, it’s a warning. The reader seriously does not know what happened, how anything came to be, who people were, where things came from. NOTHING.

It took me almost three months to get through this book because nothing was really happening, and so when it finally started picking up at the very end there was even MORE disappointment when I realized there were no answers, no explanations!

I’m just so MAD. There’s a great outline here of a great thriller, and instead we get… nothing. A waste of time.

Big thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for review.

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