Gina from Siberia, by Jane Bernstein

14 Sep
gina from siberia jane

Five Stars

This is a charming little story about a dog named Gina who moves with her human family from Siberia to New York. It’s a simple little story about the normal fears of moving to a very new place, but the story is accompanied by vibrant illustrations that are a feast for the eyes. The book is based on a real family who actually did dress their dog as a baby to keep her safe in the move.

I requested this book to read to my six year old granddaughter, who will be going through a move of her own soon – although nothing like a move from Siberia. Once I have a chance to read it to her I’ll update my review with her opinions.

I finally got to read it to my granddaughter and her face just LIT UP when the book was done. “I really liked this book, I REALLY REALLY liked it!!!” she said. She loved Gina and could relate to her fears and liked that she made friends in her new home. She loved the pictures. And she was able to tell her mom all about how Gina moved from Siberia, all the way to “ummm… where is it… the place with the Statue of Liberty… NEW YORK!!!” and repeated over and over that it was “5,682 or 5,681 miles” (This is a big point in the book). She also thought New York must be a great place to live since it has so many different things to smell, and all that great street food!
Honestly she loved the book so much, and was talking about it so much after, that I have to up my rating to 5 stars. The book is meant for children, not for me, and Holly definitely loves it.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Animal Media Group for giving us the chance to review this book early.

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