The Make-Ahead Sauce Solution, by Elisabeth Bailey

30 Oct
sauce solution elisabeth


Get ready: Sauce cooking is going to be the new Bacon cooking (but healthier).

The Whole30 diet and others like it are becoming very popular. I’ve just completed my second successful Whole30 in six months, and I know that the first key is to pre-make several recipes over the weekend. The second key that I discovered on my own is to have several different homemade sauces available. I mostly worked with three: chimichurri, pesto and roasted red pepper (all from Whole30 recipes), but I was constantly searching for new flavors that I could make at home. With flavorful sauces available you can easily cook up a potato or steam some veggies or cook up some chicken really quick, and instead of making things complicated, just slather it in a sauce. Flavorful sauces are a godsend with diets such as Whole30, and they are a way to continue eating healthy when the diet is done.

This book is exactly what I was looking for before. Even though many of the recipes are not exactly Whole30 approved, they can be tweaked. But for those without strict guidelines, the cookbook can help any overworked busy family cook to lose the processed foods and easily serve healthy DELICIOUS meals.

This cookbook has flavorful sauces such as chimichurri and pestos, and it has SAUCE-sauces that you would pour over pasta. They all use plenty of fresh ingredients, and at least one of them (Green Peppercorn) contains one whole cup of vodka so you know I’ll be trying that one first (my Whole30 is over!). I wish I had known about the Coconut Lemon sauce during my diet, but I have it now! There is an entire chapter of “Cheese and Wine” sauces which sound delicious and would be great for that final night before your Whole30 starts (and your first meal after you’re finished!).

Every recipe has a photograph, and a list of ways to use that particular sauce. I find this very helpful as I’m never really sure what to DO with all those chutneys and sauces I see in the stores. But I can easily see how to use any of these recipes. There are also a lot of helpful tips and tricks on freezing and storing your sauces if you prep a lot of them. I tend to get overly excited with new cookbooks and can easily see myself making 15-20 of these sauces over the weekend, so the tips are helpful to avoid waste.

Flavorful, healthy, homemade sauces are the key to eating fresh and healthy, and prepping ahead of time is the key to a busy kitchen. This beautiful book gives you more flavors than you would ever need, and I highly recommend it.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for the ARC to review.

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