Layover, by David Bell

2 Apr
layover by david bell

Three of 5 stars

Three stars because I did indeed “Like” it. I just couldn’t get to the next level of enjoyment.

There are a lot of problems in the story, but the biggest is that the reader doesn’t get to experience much action. We hear about it. The characters tell each other what happened but we don’t get to enjoy much of it firsthand.

I know the author is capable, because at one point several different characters go to meet in a spooky place. It’s creepy, there is danger in every corner, and there is eventually a meet-up and some action. At another point, a character is trying to escape a location without being seen, and that was also done well. But those are just about the only places in the story where we get to experience the fun ourselves.

We get to know very little about Morgan (who is one of the main characters) except for all the lies she tells. It appears she has very few friends, yet there is a lot of freak-out on her FB page when she (a single adult) “disappears” for a couple days. While there are just a few FB mentions in the beginning of the book, they really don’t match up with what we learn about Morgan later. And since we never get to know her on a personal level, we also don’t fully understand her motivations, and it is very difficult to root for her in the end, or even care about what happens to her. It seems the same goes for the author, who gives very little fanfare to her ending.

So why even give it three stars? Well, it was a fast read. It was somewhat entertaining. You want to know what happens to Josh, you want to solve the mystery, and you’d like to root for Kimberly the cop (Alas, Kimberly is a character you start to care about and then she’s just dropped at the end). It’s a good beach read, it’s a good read for in-between more meaty books. It has some fun, just don’t expect much from it.

I did receive an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have read David Bell’s books before and they are quite good. This one however, gets only 3 stars.

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