Some Choose Darkness, by Charlie Donlea

3 Apr
some choose darkness charlie donlea

FIVE of five stars

Charlie Donlea scores another 5 stars, just like I knew he would!

Another intricately woven story going back and forth through time, with multiple possible suspects and a wide web of mystery to solve. We also have an incredible new personality, Rory Moore, who we can add to the list of Donlea characters we want to see in future books!

Some Choose Darkness stars not one but TWO high functioning autistic characters in two different time periods so we can see how differently autism was treated from the 1970s to today. We get a little glimpse into how certain autistic minds work, and we see how much intelligence can be lurking in the brains of those who appear to behave differently to an outsider. I want to clarify that I do not know a lot about autism, so I cannot vouch for how accurate the descriptions are, but both characters do appear to be somewhere on the spectrum.

I don’t like to give any story details away when I review Donlea’s books, they are best enjoyed knowing nothing in advance. There is murder involved but only a couple of very scary scenes. Most of the book is spent getting to know the well-developed characters and trying to solve the mystery. It is creepy and immensely satisfying, and you aren’t left wondering about plot holes when it’s over. In fact, Donlea weaves some of the most intricate stories but can deliver an ending all folded nicely together with a perfect bow on top. This feels so satisfying after reading other books with only a few characters and a complete mess of a plot.

The only issue I have is that so much attention is given to a certain beer: Dark Lord Imperial Stout. It is an actual brand and made to sound so delicious, yet it will be almost impossible for me to ever try one. It’s now on my bucket list!

Charlie Donlea is one of the most solidly dependable writers of thrillers and mysteries, and he remains my favorite with Some Choose Darkness. I’m going to say it again: More books with Rory Moore!!

Thank you so very very much to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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