Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, by Jo Piazza

3 Jun
charlotte walsh jo piazza

Three Stars of 5

I would change the title to “Charlotte Walsh Did a Really Despicable Thing”.

This book was rough to read, as it really delves deep into politics and the disgusting realities of running for office, especially when you’re a woman. Some people might not have believed how disgusting it is a few years ago, but nowadays we are inundated with the stink of politics every day. My personal life can’t take politics seeping into my relaxing/reading life at this time. But that’s not why I gave it 3 stars.

The book follows Charlotte Walsh as she runs for senate in Pennsylvania, and shows the toll it takes on her family. Honestly I wanted to write a letter to every female candidate in the US thanking them for taking on the vile reactions so many Americans have at the very idea of a woman running for office. Through most of the book we are occasionally reminded that Charlotte has a terrible secret that could ruin her chances of winning.

Well, I mean, JEEZUS. I was horrified when I found out the secret. I’m not sure, is the reader supposed to think this secret is something a marriage could get over? Something forgivable? A simple mistake anyone could have made? I found it unforgivable. Apparently Charlotte Walsh really does like to win, and will attempt to do so at any cost.

In the end I gave it 3 stars because there is no real ending. Everything is up in the air at the end, there is absolutely nothing resolved. Not one thing. We went on this vile journey with Charlotte, we find out she’s a disgusting power-hungry person as well, and then we read “The End”.

There are reasons to leave some story lines open at the end of some books, but this book wasn’t enough to be just a journey. In the end I felt like I had gone through this particularly terrible journey for nothing.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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