Lies, by T.M. Logan

26 Jul
Lies tm logan

FIVE of 5 stars

*cackling with glee*
This was delicious thriller fluff. I was scanning the words on each page with breakneck speed, just to find out what would happen next. And what happened next was actually unexpected, a big surprise, and deliciously evil. I don’t care how insane it was, I loved the ending!

It breaks a few of my rules:
1. There’s a certain lack of logic with Joe (Even knowing only what Joe thought he knew at the time, if he’d demanded the police check with Mel and Beth and their texts/phone calls to confirm his story, things might have been different).
2. There’s a real lack of logic with the police: Why the huge push for a *murder* investigation at the point a grown man is just missing for a few days? And why didn’t they do what Joe should have asked them to do even without him asking?
3. There’s an insane lack of logic with the crime: It could have and would have been pinned on Joe without any of the technological set-up. The end-goal of the crime would have been achieved even without the extraordinary technological efforts.
4. And the worst: The real culprit just confesses it all at the end (BIGGEST PET PEEVE).

But the RIDE was so fun! It was nonstop action, and even though the setup seemed so easy to disprove, as things get worse and worse for Joe I made myself read faster and faster and faster. The ride itself was so fun it really overrode any concerns I had with logic. I was 100% in the whole time.

I can’t overstate how much fun this was, and how much I loved the ending. It would have been amazing in a film. All I can point to is all the terrible reviews I’ve given other books with the same logic issues, yet this one somehow overcame all that to get five stars from me. I just don’t do that. Go read this book and have a blast.

I received an ARC from NetGalley LONG ago in exchange for an honest review. I’m so happy I didn’t skip it! Now I’m off to read the newest one I have from T.M. Logan and I’m SO EXCITED!!

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