29 Seconds, by T.M. Logan

30 Jul
29 seconds tm logan

Four of 5 stars

Just before reading this book, I had plowed through T.M. Logan’s previous book, “Lies.” That one I gave 5 stars even though I had some concerns. This book I’m giving 4 stars, even though it was just about as enjoyable – but it was also at least as problematic.

Lies was told from a male character’s point of view, and I allowed myself to just go with it when I didn’t understand the logic of some of his decisions. But 29 Seconds has a female lead, and I couldn’t get past some of her thoughts and actions that didn’t ring true to me. My biggest problem was if Sarah wanted to turn in Alan for the harassment, why was she ALWAYS denying that there was any harassment???

The subject matter was also a bit disconcerting. This is a #MeToo Sexual Harassment in the Work Place situation on mega steroids, and that made Sarah’s decisions to stay and try to make things work all the harder to believe. The entire situation is way over the top, and if Sarah wants to keep her job (even before the “29 seconds” happens) it is clear she will be risking everything in her life to do so and will never ever ever ever be rewarded or promoted for her efforts. She’s not alone, she has a father who would help her, so why not just start over somewhere else safe?

Once the story gets going it is still a thrilling ride, and with all the exemptions I gave “Lies” it wouldn’t be right of me to give this less than 4 stars. But it’s a thrilling ride with problems. The 29 seconds section doesn’t even pan out after it turns out these professional mobsters can’t even make a simple rapist disappear. That was a disappointment. And there was another disappointment when Sarah’s next plan just fades to black and we’re sent to some point in the future. Then we’re just told what happened. Why couldn’t we have seen it play out?? It was disappointment after disappointment when we can’t even see the antagonist’s downfall for ourselves.

This is a lot of complaining for a 4 star book. But the truth is that if you can see it as an over-the-top premise then you can probably get a lot of enjoyment out of the book, and I did enjoy racing through it just like I did “Lies”. As a quick, thrilling thriller, it earns its 4 stars.

One warning: There are no rape scenes in this book, but if you have any sort of #MeToo triggers, stay away from this one.

Many thanks to NetGalley for giving me ARCs of both of T.M. Logan’s books in exchange for honest reviews. I did enjoy them both very much as summer thrillers, and I would look forward to his next one.

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