The Weaving Explorer, by Deborah Jarchow, Gwen W. Steege

14 Aug
weavng explorer by deborah jarchow

FIVE of 5 stars

This is a gorgeous and inspirational book that makes creating beautiful works of art a reachable goal. There are techniques ranging from the God’s Eye we all learned as kids up to weaving actual portraits into fabric. There are beginner projects, more advanced projects, and projects most of use will leave to the coffee-table books we put on display.

Even the simplest of projects are turned into works of art. Anyone can create a God’s Eye or a Dorset Button, and even the rugs and mats and woven baskets look easy to do. The gorgeous examples in the book confirm that even a beginner can achieve remarkable results by using your imagination when you choose your materials.

The very advanced projects are way beyond my own skills, and probably for most readers of this book. But they will provide inspiration for those talented advanced weavers, and are just amazing to look at for the rest of us.

There are also instructions on building your own looms, and it’s an easy process that absolutely anyone can accomplish.

I am absolutely going to try some of these projects. The hoop weaving looks like something right up my alley and within my talent range, and there are some 3” woven landscapes that have inspired me to try something new. I’m fairly sure I can incorporate some of these new works into some really original and innovative macramé wall hangings I’m planning to do.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, but this is a book I would pay full price for and also buy as a gift for someone else. I recommend this book to anyone interested in weaving, any type of crafts, or even an Art lover.

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